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Organise all business info in one place, get real time performance insights, identify growth opportunities
Respond to leads swiftly with automatic quoting remember who you spoke to and when, set call back reminders and close more sales.
Systemize & automate repetitive tasks & emails, removing inbox email clutter.
Easy to follow on-boarding walk through guide, video tutorials, and full integration in 30 minutes.

software for your dj businesses

EMP DJ uses an easy to follow, proven system to manage your mobile DJ business to it’s peak ability whilst automating repetitive tasks. Get in control and stay on top of your DJ business for good.​

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Why Choose EMP DJ?

Let's take a deeper look.

DJ Business In A Box

EMP DJ is a DJ “business in a box” complete solution that is ready from the word go! All the templates are setup, occasions, event types, extra equipment and services, and email templates are already well crafted and designed so that you can simply enter your business details and just get started. Using EMP is a bit like starting a franchise, all the hard work has been done and systems in place so now all you gotta do is just start using it. Of course however, everything in EMP is fully customizable so you can tweak and personalize it to your own business and style.

Stay Organised

One of the obvious but most important reasons to use EMP DJ for your DJ business is that it will help you stay organized allowing you to stay on top of all your daily tasks, sales leads and follow ups. If you are still using spread sheets or worse yet a pen and paper, it’s time for an upgrade.


EMP DJ’s contract system is a game-changer in simplifying your DJ business operations. It expertly handles the booking process, offering a mobile-friendly platform for clients to effortlessly complete and sign contracts. Once signed, the system automatically sends copies to both parties, ensuring transparency and efficiency. This streamlined process allows different contracts for varied event types, enhancing customization and client satisfaction. With this automated contract management, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks.


Unlock a modern and sleek customer experience with our Customer Login Portal. Designed with the elegance of a mobile app, it offers seamless navigation and a customizable interface that puts your brand front and center. Your guests will be impressed by the intuitive design, making it effortless for them to access event details, make requests, and interact with your services. Plus, with our custom domain feature, you can achieve a fully white-labeled experience, ensuring that every interaction reflects your unique brand identity. Elevate your client experience and leave a lasting impression with our Customer Login Portal.

Close More Sales!

EMP DJ has a unique and great follow up system like no other CRM. It has a simplistic way of organizing your work flow into follow up filters which enables you to properly prioritize your time and focus on the most important hot leads. Not only that, the automatic quoting system and automated email follow ups will keep you covered even while you sleep. All of this will mean that you get onto the phone with clients sooner and this undoubtedly equals more sales.

Automate Your DJ Business

EMP DJ is like a virtual assistant doing things for you in the background, it will take care of sending all of your emails from the initial automated quote email to the personalized follow up emails that get in touch if you don’t manage to catch them first by phone. Reminders are sent to client if they do not complete the booking or feedback forms and notifications are sent out to DJs when things are confirmed. Once you begin using the EMP system and the wheels are in motion, you will find a lot more time on your hands and thus be able to focus more on developing and growing your business rather than trying to keep up with running it.


When running your business, it’s important to know some basic reporting info so you can make better equipped decisions for the future. Things such as knowing your monthly gross profit, cost of goods & services, sales conversion rate, which marketing avenues are generating leads and more. It can be really motivating to see how well you are doing and to see progressive growth in your business over time and EMP DJ provides the most important stats right on your dashboard. Knowing this information is going to put you in the drivers seat of your business and allow you to keep making informed decisions which put you ahead of the game.

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3 Steps To Success

We've got all the systems in place so your DJ business succeeds!

01 Systemize

In order to build a successful business, it's crucial to have a clear and consistent process in place. This is where systemizing comes in, allowing you to establish standardized procedures and workflows that ensure every aspect of your business is conducted in a streamlined and efficient manner.

02 Automate

After establishing a consistent process through systemizing, the next step is to identify tasks that are repetitive or time-consuming and automate them. This frees up valuable time and resources, enabling you to focus on other important areas of your business and drive growth.

03 Scale

With your business now systemized and automated, you're able to scale up. This means you can focus on sales and marketing efforts, secure long-term contracts, respond to inquiries more efficiently, purchase additional equipment, hire more staff, and ultimately reach your full potential.

“Soon after entering the DJ business, I realized it wasn’t so easy communicating with and following up with multiple clients. It would get really stressful at times. I finally got tired of missing out on event opportunities and using online calendars and spreadsheets to manage my business, so I designed my own software to help me cope with handling enquiries and closing sales with prospective clients.
Paul Anthony
EMP DJ Founder

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emp dj software features

EMP DJ business management software is packed full of features to make you and your business more successful.

20+ Reasons to Choose EMP DJ

Follow Up System

Follow Up System

EMP DJ helps you promptly follow up with and stay on top of your leads. You can leave detailed notes of each interaction, remembering what you spoke about and when, and then set follow up reminders and these events will show up on your daily follow up list.

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Automatic Quoting

Automatic Quoting

Rest assured that no matter how busy you are, that your inquiries are always being taken care of. Upon completion of the EMP DJ enquiry form, your prospects will receive an automatic email with a link to your info/pdf and a quote, customized by event type & location.

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Automated & Personalized Follow Ups

Automated & Personalized Follow Ups

EMP DJ not only sends an automatic quote but also follows up with your leads with personalized emails that looks like they were written by you. This greatly increases the response rate and helps you stay on top of your follow ups closing more sales.

Full Email Automation

Full Email Automation

Using EMP DJ is like having a personal assistant. All repetitive emails that you normally send on a daily basis are automated & all templates fully customizable. From the initial quote email to booking links, payment confirmations, feedback forms & more. So sit back, relax and let EMP do all the work.

Custom Domain Integration

Custom Domains For Login & Email

Enhance your brand with EMP DJ by using your own domain for both your login portal and email communications. Keep your website at its existing address while providing a seamless, branded experience for your clients. This integration ensures a professional and cohesive presence, elevating your business in every interaction.

Built In Forms

Built In Forms

EMP DJ comes with built in essential forms that every DJ business needs. With an enquiry form for gathering leads through your website, a booking form to secure your events with a booking terms & contract, and a feedback form for following up after event.

Automated Online Review System

Automated Online Review System

EMP DJ has an automated online review system that qualifies your happy customers and provides them with your online review links to places such as Facebook and Google reviews. It also emails them a copy of their testimonial and the links to remind them to leave a review.

Customizable To Your Business

Customize Your Design

Customize the experience for your customers and DJs. The login screen can have a unique background image and  your logo. The invoice can also have your business colours and logo, and the enquiry form can be fully customized to blend with your website.

Customer / DJ Login Portal

Customer / DJ Login

EMP DJ's mobile-friendly platform now allows for deeper customization of your customer and DJ login portals. Personalize each portal with your choice of header image, theme color, and font, aligning with your brand's identity. Paired with your custom domain, these tailored portals provide a unique and professional experience. Both customers and DJs enjoy seamless access to event details and essential information, facilitating efficient communication and event management on any device.

Event Planner Tool

Event Planner Tool

We have created a simple yet effective planner tool for making event plans with your customers. Within both your admin and the customer login area is a shared document that you can both work on to create a schedule for your events, and for your DJs to follow.

Event List Segmenting

Event List Segmenting

EMP DJ allows you to use detailed search filters to segment your list for creating important reporting figures and exporting to CSV for bulk mail outs to segments of your list and newsletters.

Import / Export Data

Import / Export Data

In EMP DJ you can import a list of previous customers or companies, and likewise you can also export all of your contacts, companies and events to a CSV file. Additionally, prior to export you can filter your results to give you a specific list.

Activity History & Notifications

Activity History

Every important task or milestone reached in EMP DJ leaves it’s footprint in the Activity History. This is a new feed where you will see the most recent activity that has been happening on the site amongst all users. You'll also receive alert notifications within the app as these things happen.


(Featuring Google Calendar Sync)


On the calendar you can see all of your bookings in one place, you can click on any date to see it’s events and then quickly open in a new window to edit the event details. You can also receive absent requests from DJs and once approved they will show up there too. Plus we have now added support to synchronize all your events with your Google Calendar.

Essential Reports

Essential Reports

EMP DJ provides you with reports that are essential for the monitor and growth of your business. From knowing where your marketing dollars are being best spent, to real time monthly sales updates, conversion rates, monthly income and more.

Assigning Multiple DJ / Performers & Schedules

Assigning Multiple DJ / Performers & Schedules

EMP DJ can be used for not only DJs but all service types and this includes assigning multiple DJs / workers / performers / staff to an event with different start and finish times and pay rates.

Job Reminders

Job Reminders

EMP DJ will send event job reminders to your DJs 24 hours before an event to make sure they are fully aware they are on the job and have checked their jobsheet.

Accept Payments

(PayPal, Square/Credit Card, Venmo)

Accept Payments

EMP DJ enables you to accept payments via PayPal, Venmo and Square for credit card payments via the online booking form.

Manager Checklist

Manager Checklist

EMP DJ comes with a pre made checklist that is universal for all event based businesses which you can also customize to add additional steps that need to be completed for each event everytime.

Booking Contract & Digital Signing

Booking Contract & Digital Signing

Effortlessly manage bookings and contracts with our streamlined system designed specifically for mobile DJs.



Customer Support

Customer Support

We provide comprehensive support including live chat from within the app. Get in touch with our support team to help you setup and fully customize your application to suit your needs or learn more with our guided walk through and tutorial videos.

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Completed Pre 2024

Google Calendar Sync

Re-build Customer login into mobile app design  ( 100% Complete )

Customer Booking Contract and DJ Agreement Contract with Digital Signing  ( 100% Complete )

Custom Domains to use your own domain URL for login areas

Roadmap for 2024

New Features Coming in Q2, Q3 and Q4 of 2024

In app sending and receiving of email and SMS.

Chat feature to connect with Login Portal/Website/Facebook/Whatsapp chat.

Form builder for creating music, wedding and event plans with Spotify / Apple Music integrations.

Duplicate & Recurring events. Ability to create recurring events for such things as weekly venue or club events.

Date Availability Checker

Complete Automations Feature for automating everything from SMS to emails, and specific actions within the app

What's coming in Q2 of 2024

  • In app sending/receiving of email and sms
  • Form Builder (Click and Drag) for Event questionnaires
  • More Event Plan Tools Including Time Schedule Maker & Music Planner with Spotify / ITunes integration

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EMP is not a tool for getting new gigs specifically. It can help you find new gigs by making it easy to keep track of venues or clients you wish to cold call and follow up, but it’s not a marketing tool. It’s more of a sales tool to help you follow up and close more of your existing inquiries, and also to help you organize your calendar and automate the processes of your DJ business so it’s easier to stay on top of things.

Any DJ can benefit from being more organized and having more automation. EMP DJ is for DJ businesses of all sizes, from individual mobile or club DJs to large DJ companies to stay organized and automate anything that can be automated.

100%. Whilst originally developed for mobile DJs, the same system can be applied to any event sales based business where you are providing any product or service for events such as:

  • Photography
  • Photo booth
  • Venue / room hire
  • Wedding planners
  • The list goes on

We are working on making some terminology changeable to suit your business.

We have a separate website for general events industry, click here to visit that website.

Yes it is. You can assign as many performers / DJs / band members / staff to an event as you want. Each of them can also be assigned a different start and finish time, and hourly or flat rates for each individual.

The question you may be asking is if EMP has a mail client like Outlook or Gmail. The short answer is NO. At the moment EMP cannot send individual emails, however 90% of your day to day emails that you would normally be sending over and over again are sent out by EMP at key times and every single email can be fully customized and personalized in the email templates settings. Additionally you can enter your email SMTP settings so that all emails dispatched by EMP will be sent from your business domain email.

You can see a detailed timeline of the automated email sequence setup by EMP over here.

Yes EMP DJ can send all outgoing emails using your own SMTP mail server so that you can look professional and punctual at the same time.

Yes you can. Payments are received by customers via the online booking form. You can set your booking deposit to a set amount or percentage of the total quote, then payments can be accepted via PayPal, Venmo or Square. Both merchants are free to sign up with relatively low fees.

All subscription plans have the same features and powers except the only limitation is by how many events can be booked to any particular day. See price table for more info.


At this stage you cannot send newsletters directly from within  however you can export a segment of your list to a CSV file and very easily import it to your favourite newsletter software such as MailChimp.

Of course we do. We offer a 14 day free trial however we require everyone who makes a trial to first schedule in a demo call so that we can ensure it’s the right fit for you and that you know your way around and make the most out of your trial period.

Learn more over at the blog


EMP is a DJ “business in a box” complete solution that is ready from the word go! Why not make a 14 day free trial right now?