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Alert Notifications

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Event Master Pro have alert notifications which work much in the same way as Facebook notifications do. Alert notifications keep you instantly informed when any users log in/out, enquiry/booking/feedback forms are completed, when sales are made, if any payments are rejected or accepted, when an event status has been changed, and when DJs check their jobsheets. All notifications have hyperlinks to the related events and contacts, making it super easy to navigate to almost any screen with a couple clicks. Alert notifications can be turned on or off for each alert type.

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Alert Types

User Log In / Log Out

Every time a user logs in or out you will get an alert notification. This can be useful if you have spoken with a customer about booking and you want to make sure they get through the booking process easily. If they log in but don’t complete the booking form, a follow up phone call will ensure they get from start to finish. Also useful if a DJ logs in or out, you can be sure they have checked their event details.

Enquiry Forms

Each time the enquiry form is submitted you will get a notification. Very useful for responding quickly to new enquiries.

Sales Made

Every time a sale is made you will get a notification.

Booking Forms

Each time the customer completes the booking form and makes a payment you will be notified. If payments are declined or approved you will also get a separate notification.

Feedback Forms

Whenever a feedback form is completed you will get a notification.

New Venues

Every time a customer adds a new venue with the booking form you will be notified.

Event Status

Whenever an events status has been changed you will receive a notification.

DJ Checked Jobsheet

If a DJ checks their Jobsheet you will get a notification.

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