Can you make DJ bookings via live chat?

Can you make DJ bookings via live chat?

I guess you are probably wondering if anyone would ever book a DJ over live chat? It seems a little far fetched as you would assume that when it comes to something like a DJ service, that being personal with your communications is key in getting the sale. Well normally it is but there are some circumstances when a live chat will score you an extra booking or two that you least expected.

Imagine this, it’s late at night and someone is looking for a last minute DJ they require in the next two weeks. They visit your site in search of some information and a quote and notice the live chat in the corner. As it is past business hours they decide not to call but instead initiate conversation via your live chat feature.

Meanwhile, you are on the other side of town at dinner with friends and you hear your phone beep. Your prospective customer wants a fast quote and has some unusual questions they want answered so you politely take the time out and answer their questions. Upon requesting a quote you direct them to your Event Master Pro online enquiry form which sends them an instant customized quote.

Minutes later they are completing your booking form and putting down a deposit payment to secure the booking. Sound unlikely? Well in the following example that’s pretty much what happened to me and the whole sale was made in under twenty minutes and secured with a $200 deposit. In this example however it’s during the day, but there are other times aside from after hours when a live chat may be useful to your customers.

Perhaps they are at work and not allowed to use the phone, a live chat is perfect because they can discretely contact you and have their questions answered and ultimately ready to make a decision long before they have had a chance to visit your competitions website. Have a look at the following live chat conversation.

IMG_5534 IMG_5537IMG_5538IMG_5539IMG_5541IMG_5542IMG_5543IMG_5544IMG_5545


So the conclusion is that a live chat feature is of benefit to a DJ business. People don’t hire DJs every day and so they have questions they want answered, and often they want answers fast. A simple live chat feature like Zopim Chat is totally free and has mobile phone app which gives notifications of chat alerts. Let’s not also forget about customers who have already booked your service and have general enquiries. I would highly recommend adding a live chat feature to your DJ website and start reaping the benefits today.

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