How To Impress A Venue and Become Their Preferred DJ Supplier

??How To Impress A Venue and Become Their Preferred DJ Supplier

I’ve DJ’d at thousands of venues over the years and one thing you must remember if you want to succeed in the DJ business is that venues can be a great source of bookings if you keep them happy. Well I gotta tell you that there is no better time and place to win them over than when you are actually DJing there anyway, so think of it like a job interview from the moment you walk in the door. Compare this with trying to ring a venue and tell them how good you are over the phone, it’s an uphill battle.

? Even if you’ve been booked by a customer to DJ at a venue and not booked by the venue themselves, the venue is also a potential customer so learn to respect their rules and do as they say and it’s likely you could become their next preferred DJ supplier. So . . .

? If they tell you that dinner will be served at 8 PM and to stop playing dancing music so their wait staff can maneuver around the tables and serve people quickly THEN DO IT! ? If they tell you that their liquor license finishes at 12 AM and they want you to finish the music by 12 AM sharp THEN DO IT!

? If they tell you they have noise restrictions because of a grumpy neighbor then try your best to keep the volume and the bass down so you don’t cause any hassles and JUST DO IT!!

When you simply respect the venue rules and then top it off by being an awesome Professional DJ then the venue is surely going to be open to hearing what you have to say. This is usually when I go and introduce myself, I normally do this right when I’m about to leave.

Pro Tip: What you must do just before you leave the venue

▶️ Pro Tip: At the end of every gig you DJ at a new venue, after you have packed the car and just before you leave, go and make a formal introduction to the venue manager and shake their hand, tell them your name and REMEMBER theirs and then give them your card and tell them to refer any potential clients your way and that you will be in touch to follow up.


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