How to Make a CSV File of Your MP3 Collection


  1. Download and install the free MP3 tag here.mp3tag
  2. In the top toolbar, click ‘Change Directory’ and choose your base directory you wish to export. This might take a while depending on how many songs in your library. Make sure you have chosen ‘Subdirectories’ checkbox on so it searches through all sub-folders.change-directory directories
  3. Go to Tools // Options and copy the settings below.step-2 export-settings
  4. Select a song on the list and then click Ctrl + A to select all songs in the directory.
  5. Go to File // Export or press Ctrl + E and click ‘OK’ to export.export Don’t forget to choose an export location.export-directory
  6. Now you have a CSV file of your song list, there is however one more thing you need to do to separate the commas.This is important. Do not double click the CSV file to open it with excel, first open Excel and then choose the file, you might have to choose ‘All Files’ when locating the file.When you open the file from within Excel first it will show you a 3 step wizard will pop up. Choose ‘Delimited’ and click next.excel-csv-1
  7. On Step 2 choose ‘Semicolon’ and then click ‘Finish’.excel-csv-2a
  8. You should then be presented with a full listing of your MP3 music library in a CSV file, make sure you still save it as a CSV before importing to the Song Selector.excel-csv-3
  9. If you are importing your song list into the EMP Song Selector then you must put the columns in the following order before import. Note that you cannot import more than 5000 songs per import and this may vary depending on your host.CSV Format: Title, Artist, Length, Genre, Year, Month, Sample Playlist (on)
  10. Convert song length seconds to MM:SS on CSV before import (How to: https://bit.ly/1GC8Bhr)
  11. Import to Song Selector

To download a sample CSV in correct format to import to the EMP Song Selector tool click the button below.

This CSV is also setup to convert seconds to minutes and seconds.


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